birth name Florence Trudy Moorcroft stage name flo moore birthdate / age 3 December 1990 & 25 birth place Hyde County, North Carolina currently resides abbot kinney, los angeles occupation "actress"

A trailer park in North Carolina wasn't the most glamorous birthplace for a future superstar like Florence Moorcroft, but she made did with what she had. With the 80s drawing to their very close and a pair of inexperienced, immature barely-adults to call her parents, Flo was born into a mostly unstable environment as the second child to a checkout clerk and car mechanic. Her older brother, Nicholas, became her partner-in-crime and the two of them banded together in the face of their incapable mother and unreliable father, their situation often escalating to the point of drop-ins made by concerned social workers who saw the children with their grubby faces and dirty hands but never found anything compelling enough to read neglect. The Moorcroft children largely raised themselves, and when Flo found that she lacked any decent kind of mother figure to help her learn how to become a woman, she turned to the television. Beautiful actresses with long, blonde hair, bright blue eyes and an ability to always get the guy - these were the women that Flo idolized, and when she was old enough to learn about her own taste in film she found herself fascinated and captivated by the classics. Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn became her heroines, and there were tattered little black and white postcards decorating her bed by the time Flo became a teenager. Her fantasy life was far more appealing than the one she found herself living in reality, and she couldn't be blamed for setting her sights on a career where she could escape into the fantasy forever.

That career meant Hollywood. Though her start had been rocky, Flo wasn't one to feel easily defeated by the hand life had to offer. She worked in the same grocery store as her mother for her last two years of high school, saving up every cent and dime with the quiet knowledge that her perseverance would be the ticket out of her life in North Carolina and a fresh start into the fantasy life she'd spent so many years dreaming of. A particularly nasty row a few months before her graduation saw Flo skipping town early with nothing but a backpack of clothes to her name, very nearly resorting to homelessness when she arrived in LA to find the rent at least double what she'd been expecting and her dream of fame and fortune commonplace among the fresh-faced young things who were just like her. She hadn't been particularly special back home in North Carolina, but she definitely wasn't special here - standing out would take more than just a nice smile and a pretty face.

Flo went on to spend the next five years learning just exactly how much standing out would take. She worked as a waitress day in her local branch of Hooters, a demeaning and hellish experience that she talks positively about for the sole reason that it built character, and she attended every open audition in the city with mostly fruitless results for the first year of her existence in California. Eventually, a callback on a role in a juice commercial marked Flo's first spot on television and first trepid steps towards achieving her goal. Unfortunately, a juice commercial didn't turn out to be a stepping stone to a brighter and better future - for the next four years, Flo appeared in commercials for fast food, vacations, office supplies and clothing catalogs, topping up her waitress wages nicely with the extra funds but never becoming recognizable and certainly never possessing any ounce of star power.

Through the takeoff of Instagram came a new way to reach her audience, and Flo had amassed a fair sized social media following by the time 2012 came around. Her ruthless, persistent networking eventually landed her a chance meeting with a well-known actor, and what started with simply flirtation quickly blossomed into a full blown affair where his wife was the victim of their selfishness. Six months and one lost phone later, and suddenly Flo was everywhere. Her pictures were branded across gossip websites and newspapers with headlines that made puns out of the intimate text messages they'd shared, with outlets poking fun at her buxom blonde image and torn between treating her like a national joke and being fascinated by the girl who broke up one of the biggest Hollywood marriages around. The media interest spawned a role in a music video that would go on to seal the deal in her overnight success story - she appeared topless, shameless and carefree and it was the perfect combination to send half the world after her with a pitchfork in hand while the other half only wanted to know more. With an agent and a publicist at her disposal for the first time in her career, Flo wasted no time in lining up auditions for the types of roles she should've been playing all along - she was 23, and in no position to wait around any longer than she already had. With a steady stream of questionable roles to her resume that tend to sell movies if not encourage respect for her skills, Florence very rarely feels regret for the way her career panned out. She's living the fantasy and she can truly say she earned it - what more could she ever need?

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